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A stream of pulses comprising a single laser bolt is the key to making a laser inflict bullet levels of damage.Blasters use frequencies longer than 200 nanometers: visible light and infrared.

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Which sounds so much more pragmatic than "ray gun".As a weapon they are not as efficient as a blaster, and they do damage more slowly.They are sort of a futuristic flame thrower or acetylene torch.This means that you do not have to pulse vacuum frequency lasers in order to have bullet levels of damage. Schilling does not think the laser pistol is as far fetched as most believe. " Hamilton drew the sidearm clear and handed it to his host. " He pressed a stud on the side of the grip, and let a long flat container slide out into his palm. I'll also use a standard military or police service handgun as the baseline - you can easily extrapolate down to a compact pistol or up to a small submachine gun-equivalent if you like, but going up to rifle or heavy-weapon scales is a bit trickier.Erik points out that the problem with a man-portable laser pistol would be the power source. In fact, he had not noticed that his friend was bearing anything new in the way of weapons—had he arrived unarmed Monroe-Alpha would have noticed it, naturally, but he was not particularly observant about such matters, and could easily have spent two hours with a man and never noticed whether he was wearing a Stokes coagulator or a common needlebeam. There are four basic technological approaches I would consider based on my personal knowledge, all of which would lead to similar end results if they worked at all. They won't produce a good beam that way, but if you tune them to the right absorption band and direct them all into a YAG crystal, you can get the latter to lase quite efficiently.A laser beam can cut through steel while a flashlight cannot due to the fact that laser light is coherent.

This means all the photons in the beam are marching in lock-step with each other, instead of every-which-way like ordinary light.Heat rays use frequencies longer than 200 nanometers: visible light and infrared.Lasers that emit a pulse of light so intense that it causes the matter it hits to violently explode.By analogy, a unit of army troops marching in step can inadvertently cause a bridge to collapse, while the same number of people using the bridge in a random fashion have no effect.For details about how lasers are generated, read the details in the link above.Science fictional "ray guns" that shoot futuristic beams of energy instead of boring mundane bullets have been popular since about 1898 when H. Well's introduced the "heat ray" in his novel The War of the Worlds (though Zeus had been zapping people who ticked him off for thousands of years).