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In 1939 Mac Donald oversaw and introduced the so-called Mac Donald White Paper, which aimed at the creation of a unified state, with controls on Jewish immigration Sir Charles Tegart, the man who suppressed terrorism in Bengal and who earned the title “Man of Iron,” is going to Palestine to advise the government on police organization there. Ormsby-Gore, colonial secretary, who made the announcement, said that the immediate and primary duty of the government and Palestine administration is to take vigounous measures to combat terrorism. 22, 1937 after the announcement of his visit to Palestine.

At Passover they conduct the ancient sacrifice of a lamb upon an altar.

The lighter basin, with two big goods sheds in the background, at Tel Aviv, which took its place alongside the great port cities of the world when the high commissioner for Palestine, Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope, declared the “baby” port open for passenger traffic, during the ceremony, much of which had to be curtailed owing to heavy rain, a crowd with hoisted umbrellas can be seen in rear of the picture on Feb. Modern American style of office building and skyscrapers apartment houses, finely paved wide streets and smart shops show the remarkable growth of New Jerusalem on Oct. Under the leadership of American Jews, who have converted the holy city from a mere medieval village to a live progressive and prosperous city of the first class, the Arabs have profited very largely from the phenomenal growth of Jerusalem by the profitable sale of the land on which most of these buildings are constructed. The town was sacked by Rebel Arabs, the driver of a British tank was slain and buildings were burned in the cut break which brought these motor lorries dashing to the terror torn city.

(AP Photo)American Jewish colonists in Palestine completing the so called Tegart fence on August 23, 1938, which cost 500,000 dollars to build. An Arab stands beside a section of ìTegartís Iron wallî in Israel in 1938, erected by Sir Charles Tegart to keep marauding Arabs out of Palestine.

With a rifle at hand to stave off further attacks, this group of Jewish colonists, aided by Arab villagers, String barded wire in the 50 mile, tegarts wall, on the Palestine-Syria border on July 20, 1938 after bands of Marauding Arabs damaged the fence and engaged police in rifle fire. Neville Chamberlain latest developments in the Czech situation War trucks filled with fully armed British soldiers are shown on the road to ancient Hebron, city of the holy land, Israel on Sept.

Arab bands and colonists have engaged with fatal result in clashes throughout July. 5, 1938, where radial religious strife threatened to destroy the Biblical town.

The members of the commission are left to right: Sir Morris Carter, Sir Horace Rumbold, Vice-Chairman, Lord Peel, Sir Laurie Hammond, Sir Harold Morris, and Mr. Funds are being raised in Nablus to rebuild the structures demolished by British troops during the Arab “Reign of terror”.

The ruins of a building in Nablus which the British Blew up because it was used by Arab snipers on Jan. The Mufti of Jerusalem appeared before the Royal Palestine commission on January 12 as the first spokesman for the Arab Case.For two months the Arab higher committee, headed by the Mufti, declined to co-operate with the commission.The decision to testify came after the Arab sovereigns of Iraq and Saudi Arabia and appeared to the committee to appear before the commission.The Mufti (left) leaving the offices of the commission after his testimony on Jan. Malcolm Mac Donald, son of Prime Minister Ramsay Mac Donald and Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs from 1935 – 1938.Mac Donald later became Secretary of State for the Colonies.Owing to the secret entry of thousands of Arab Rebels from Syria and the Lebanon into the Holy land, strict watch must be kept by the French and British police at the frontier.

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