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Rouan will also cover diagnostic tools that can help you figure out what went wrong, talk about how your team could approach issues, and explain the possibility of creating self-healing mechanisms.Lastly, he’ll chat about what you need to ship a fix fast and how the right production monitoring can even help you write less code.

A journey that involves different technologies, methods and experiences that make people's lives easier with our code. Melissa is an articulate forward thinking IT professional with well-honed social skills, organisational ability, and oodles of charm.

The JAMStack is a new way to approach creating a website or web application.

In the past if you wanted to get something online, you’d have to spin up a server that was alway online.

Rouan is going to tell you about the types of issues that you should expect.

He’ll show you a range of techniques for finding out quickly that something has gone wrong, including everything from automated alerting to an old-fashioned phone call from a grumpy user.

Let's explore how each person at this conference can use their skills, experience, empathy, and cleverness to make the next best investment in learning, and avoid getting more done that may not make real and lasting impact for the people using their product(s).

David teaches and coaches product discovery through iterative delivery.or work for an academic institute, we have a limited set of massively discounted tickets available for you.Please email us your from your za email address, so we can assist in getting those tickets to you.He also works with leadership teams to pragmatically introduce the type of lasting agility that fosters innovation and creates a competitive edge.David was awarded The Gordon Pask Award and has contributed to Agile at Scale, Story Mapping, and many other publications and presentations that can be found on-line.She is a forceful personality who likes to make a difference and take the lead.

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    You can use Tinychat both on the web from your computer as well as through a mobile device through their app.