Sex chat scripts

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Sex chat scripts

Mr Zoo: There are also lots of tiny differences between animals, you know what a species is don't ya honey? Mr Zoo: It's an animal, which has other animals, which are quite a bit like it. Exactly the same as a regular bear only it's got a big horny growth hidden right down its groin area. All the double gutted patree monkeys exactly like a normal tree monkey, except it's called after me and if you have a rummage around inside, goin in the back door, you discover it's got two digestive tracts, two, amazin!

=============================================================================== -----------------------------------(3) Contact--------------------------------- =============================================================================== To contact me about all the mistakes and things wrong with the guide simply email me at [email protected] a subject similar to this: K-Chat script and I should respond or mention you in future versions of the script.

Mr Zoo: It means we've all got to start caring for one another like family. So let me get this straight, like my brother is a cockroach, and my dad is a pigeon and my mom is a fly. Mr Zoo: Well sort of genesticallistically speaking but your bang on love. Amy: No, I just split up with my boyfriend he didn't like me being on the radio. That's the Genestistic variation between homoerectus and spider monkeys.

Mr Zoo: That you could literally speaking marry any animal you wanted and have kids unless your married already babe, you ain't married are ya? Mr Zoo: Well that's my point love, I mean, imagine if you'd been out dating a wolf or a cute little deer he'd protect you and stuff, urinate to keep out intruders but he wouldn't mind you being on the radio, wouldn't mind a bit. Mr Zoo: Wolves and deer's have no concept of jealousy of someone else's success.

Thanks to anyone who has sent me an email that has actually had anything in they are very much appreciated. ) (plus I slightly redid the ASCII thing again but not much) December 10th 2002 v1.3 Well, large update today, added the whole (still a few corrections to do but it's mostly done) Jez Torrent script given to me by Psy and is the biggest contribution by anyone! I have also now completed the Claude Maginot section and have started with the Thor bit, but that may take a while as I have got quite a bit to do for it. Today I have scripted over 20 minutes of the show and I expect to do more by tomorrow.

=============================================================================== ----------------------------------(4) Updates---------------------------------- =============================================================================== December 29th 2002 v2.1 A few mistakes corrected and after realising that I had the whole thing written out twice, I have removed the copied bit to make the file more readable. December 19th 2002 v2.0 Ahh, complete and utter stisfaction. I thought that it would have taken longer but the parts seemed to go by faster then ever before. Done some of her talking (not much as yet) as soon as both her sections are complete (and the ads in between and after) the script will be mostly complete (except for errors of course) so Merry Christmas again! Just 12 sections left to do (part of it is the Thor script and Jez Torrent last bit) December 1st 2002 v1.2 Merry Christmas!

Mr Zoo: But I'm certainly an expert, I know what I'm doing and I'm not afraid to expose myself. ______________________________ | | | c) AD2 - Just the Five of Us | |______________________________| Speaker: This Friday night it's the incredible sitcom that's captured America's hearts and given the whole country a new catchphrase.

When you're fighting the war against personal hygiene, bring out the heavy artillery. After a mix up at the adoption agency the Chesterfields came home with three zany new houseguests. November 30th 2002 v1.1 Finished up with all the way to BJ Smith's conversation. Still got the Thor, Jez Torrent, Mandy and Michelle Carapadis bits of K-Chat to do! Only a few days till the script is complete in sections (though correctness in words and stuff will probably take a while longer) November 29th 2002 v1.0 Added a lot. Listed some stuff after that as filling spaces which people can send the bits into if they want! Made a few alterations to the original bit but not much. Mr Zoo: Well its interesting right, but not a lot of folks realise that we're 90% the same as a fly a cockroach or a pigeon that's the new science out there called Genestics, I think which is going to be real popular real soon. Mr Zoo: That I am Amy: Cool And I here you've made quite a name for yourself, why's that? And publicity and stuff, and I love animals I love em Amy: Me too! We all love animals but we don't know too much about them, that's what I'm here to tell to you about, that and myself of course Amy: Of course so, right, what about animals? Speaker: It's the funniest most touching half-hour on television. If you're listening, I'm here with Australian animal lover Mr Zoo.

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