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Grand Blvd.) This is not an illegal homage to the NYC hardcore punk-spot. A front patio with heavy-graffiti picnic tables, a kick-ass bartender, shuffleboard, pinball, and a bathroom without stalls, just two face-to-face toilets with an ashtray between — CBGB can be a great way to spend an evening.On the other side of Tower Grove Park is Sweet Art (2203 S.

Louis’s most authentic Mexican cuisine, and up-and-coming local artsy-craftsy places. Or check out the Firecracker Press (2838 Cherokee Street) and bring home all sorts of sweet STL-inspired prints.It has a multitude of slides, some circus acts, a chamber of skate ramps, and a shoelace display. Louis, the City Museum is truly the actual Number One must-see. It is a busy district with shops from the wacky to chic, restaurants from the diner to the slightly-better-diner and a great coffee shop, Meshuggah (6269 Delmar).Outside, you can climb up a net to a gutted airplane (and fully panic,if you’re afraid of heights). While I imagine that once The Loop was the place for a twenty-something person to really let go and exist, the collision of the yuppie parents and increasingly violent crime can make it less-than-pleasurable.Blueberry Hill (6504 Delmar), bragging to be “The Home of Chuck Berry and Rock N’ Roll” is a fun time capsule of a bar and restaurant with frequent not-to-be-missed shows.It is probably the most “historic” attraction in the Loop, and a great place to pass through when visiting. Louis, Missouri hides in a three-state-sized cornfield. There was the nook of the county where I went to prep school.

I graduated in a wedding dress, attended debutante balls, and had a near-constant Frappuccino as part of my polo-khaki-skirt uniform. In my youth, it seemed dangerous and full of broken metal things. The East held gang violence and puddles with needles, and the West was a Shirley Temple at the racquet club and an outing on horseback.Go down the road just a piece and land in Cherokee Street: In the wake of the closed-down (haunted) Lemp Brewery is this new-ish hipster haven.My thoughts on gentrification aside, the up-and-coming-ness of this neighborhood has distinctive benefits for city business and life.The Mud House (2101 Cherokee Street) has magnificent espresso and breakfast/lunch.It is surely gay-ish, and you’ll catch plenty of hip people taking their time with fancy beverages and enjoying the excellent outdoor space.Buildings were abandoned, I was told it was unsafe, and I didn’t know anyone who actually lived there. I sung the angsty-teen refrain of “I have to get out of this town.” But I didn’t do that.

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