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This store down to employees and management is like playton place.

I just feel like this is favoritism and discrimination what Mr Jackson and is doing.

Reply My wife and I went to the Fred’s store on North Seventh street in West Monroe, LA to pick up a few things.

When we got the the first thing I saw was a lack of cars in the parking lot at only pm on Dec. My wife went in and the first problem she encountered was no shopping carts.

Finally my wife came out complaining about there being no shopping carts so I told her I’d contact you folks and tell you the situation but I doubted that you’d do anything after reading the notes from other customers about other stores in other area.

Your stores are a main stay of the communities in the areas of Louisiana and my suggestion is visit the stores in question and if you find the bad conditions I have found put you #12 to use on those managers and get someone in there to take care of business.

BUT, again I corrected her ,it’s BUTTS with an s, she never even looked up or said anything, it was over a year since I used this store last,, same thing , happened before,, my RX, # 6991965,,,,,,my print out even says BUT,, on the information sheet,,,, I will never use this store again, their manager is obviously stupid as the employees, ,, I’m sure nothing will be done this time either, , just says alot for your company name, I can live with mine.

FRED’S EXPRESS #3921,,, 801 Jackson, street Union, MS 601-774-8283 Reply I live near the Fred’s on Chattanooga Rd, Tunnel Hill GA.Tagged as: fred’s address, fred’s corporate address, fred’s corporate office headquarters, fred’s headquarters, fred’s home office, fred’s main office, fred’s office address, fred’s office email, fred’s office fax, fred’s office phone, fred’s office phone number I feel dirty when i come out of the columbiana, al freds store.The manager and employees are very unfriendly and they look dirt one young girl looks like a witch with her shoe polish dyed hair and ungroomed, not to mention unfriendly and they stand around talking about customers they know behind their backs.This place makes your skin craw Reply To whom it may concern: Hi, I visited the Fred’s in UNION, MISSISSIPPI on 2-6-2018,,,the employees were your typical classic hillbilly junkies,,,,it’s a very small redneck town where everyone knows ,,and gossips about everyone, ,,,anyway as I approached the counter, , no one greeted me or acknowledged me for mins,, I said I’m here to pick up my flu presciption,,, she (one with dark rings around eyes) asked me my name , I reply Arnold Butts,, , she replied give us a few mins mr.BUT,,,, I said no it’s BUTTS with an s…she turned and walked away,,, I sat down, few mins later I hear But,,, is ready,, then the yellow headed checkout girl says Mr.This bunch is to comfortable and dont care, they think they are secure in their jobs.