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What’s to blame is the continuing rise of smart televisions, which account for most new TV sets sold and are predicted to be in more than half of British homes by 2016.These high-tech devices differ from traditional televisions in that they are not just passive boxes that receive a signal and transfer it to a backlit screen. For example, many smart TVs have shopping ‘apps’ to access Amazon. They allow us to watch You Tube, instantly download films via Netflix, stream BBC shows on i Player, and talk to friends using the video phone link Skype.

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Film is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment, and a powerful medium for educating—or indoctrinating—citizens.‘We could also install “spyware” that could, if they had a video camera, allow us to see through that camera — without even activating the little light that indicates it’s on.‘It was a fairly straightforward thing to do.People who work in IT often place tape over their computer’s camera lens [in a laptop they are usually set into the inside of the lid] unless they want to actually use it, because it’s so common to hack them.He did this by using his laptop effectively as a bridge between his television and the internet receiver, so the laptop was able to show all the data being sucked out of his set.There, the electronics company appeared to be using its customers’ data to make money.This year, Luigi Auriemma, an IT security researcher and computer programmer from Malta, demonstrated the risks that these devices pose when he showed it was possible to hack into several types of Samsung smart television.

Other experts recently made the chilling discovery that it is possible to remotely access the video cameras built into the front of thousands of smart televisions, and spy on the users in their own home.‘We weren’t just able to find out what someone was watching, and had watched,’ he says. For legal queries please see our Terms of Use; for comments or questions see our contact page. "Kids-In-Mind" and "Movie Ratings That Actually Work" are Service Marks of Critics.A promotional video shown to commercial clients suggested that data was being used to provide ‘the ad experience you have always dreamed of’.The information Huntley’s TV had sent — without his knowledge — included the contents of his private digital video collection, which he’d watched on the television.You are sitting in bed in your pyjamas, drinking a cup of cocoa. The curtains are drawn, the central heating turned up.

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