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" And someone else said, "You should use that as a cover line." For the first decade or so, the feature appeared at uneven intervals.Originally awarded in the wintertime, it shifted around the calendar, resulting in gaps as short as seven months and as long as a year and a half (with no selection at all during 1994, however 21 years later People selected Keanu Reeves to fill the 1994 gap, the runners up for that year included Hugh Grant and Jim Carrey).

Someone exclaimed, "Oh my God, he is the sexiest man alive!

At the end of each year People magazine famously selects 25 news-making individuals or couples who have received a lot of media attention over the past 12 months and showcases them in a special year-end issue, the '25 Most Intriguing People of the Year'.

This series of full-page features and half-page featurettes includes world leaders and political activists, famous actors and entertainers, elite athletes, prominent business people, accomplished scientists and occasionally members of the public whose stories have made an unusual impact in news or tabloid media.s 100 Most Beautiful People is an annual list of 100 people judged to be the most beautiful individuals in the world. Julia Roberts holds the record for most times named, with five.

" They are among the largest spenders of celebrity photos in the industry....

One of the first things they ever did, that led to the jacking up of photo prices, was to pay ,000 to buy pictures of Jennifer Lopez reading Us magazine, so Us Weekly couldn't buy them.

In Australia, the localized version of People is titled Who because of a pre-existing lad's mag published under the title People.

The international edition of People has been published in Greece since 2010.

To get the magazine out each week, founding staff members regularly slept on the floor of their offices two or three nights each week and severely limited all non-essential outside engagements.

The premier edition for the week ending March 4, 1974 featured actress Mia Farrow, then starring in the film The Great Gatsby, on the cover. The magazine was, apart from its cover, printed in black-and-white.

In exchange subscribers to this magazine received Entertainment Weekly for the rest of their subscriptions.

There were numerous reasons cited for the publication shutdown, including a downfall in ad pages, competition from both other teen-oriented magazines and the internet, along with a decrease in circulation numbers. will "carry teen-focused stories that are branded as Teen", Mark Golin, the editor of explained, and on the decision to merge the brands he said, "We've got traffic on Teen People, People is a larger site, why not combine and have the teen traffic going to one place?

In spring 2017, People Stylewatch was rebranded as People Style.