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Mister Alex caressed my breast, feeding his cock down my throat.

I have to also add that my body has always turned guys on, long roundish legs, tight round ass and a slender waist.Eager to get inside me, Mister Andrew positioned his huge cock at my hole, his cock dripping with pre-cum, slowly sliding inside of me.He moaned as he felt my pussy tighten around his cock.Like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, Mister Andrew stripped off his clothes, kissed me long and slowly on the lips.As for me, I am always being open to new things looked up and smiled at my dirty teacher. ” his name was Mister Alex, he was about 40, plump a bit, medium-height.Hearing the sound of his balls slapping up against my ass was amazing.

Mister Andrew started rubbing my clit as he pounded my pussy, making me buck even harder against his cock.I moaned onto his cock, sending vibrations up to his balls, making Mister Alex let out a groan of ecstasy.Grasping my hips slowly, meeting the thrusts of Mister Andrew’s cock and swallowing Mister Alex’s cock, was almost unbearable.Mister Andrew didn’t miss his chance, he took this opportunity to make his game go on, and his palm reached my kitty and groped my pussy. I let out a moan and his grip on my nipples tightened.I couldn’t do anything to myself, I was really enjoying it!When I entered his office it seemed to me that he had been waiting for only me, I came in and started repeating my request again.

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