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If we don’t care to be around such people, then this is because we feel as if we fade or disappear behind them. The pusillanimous person is the moral coward that knows in their heart that something is wrong– for example, racial violence –but refuses to speak out against this injustice out of fear that they will anger their friends and be alienated.

I also think here of the person who endlessly plays devil’s advocate, such that you never know whether they’re being sincere or are just playing a trollish game to see how others will react.

You feel as if you’re suffocating in the discourse of the boor.

As I discussed the social virtues with my students, the original flashed before my mind.

Our reaction is visceral and immediate, and we project all sorts of meanings onto the image that may or may not be there.

Above all, images have a sort of visceral or immediate “truth” or “reality” effect, that may or may not be warranted.

If we don’t want to be friends with the pusillanimous person, then this is because we worry if they’ll have backs.

Will they stand with us in the face of injustice when push comes to shove, or will they remain silent?

One of the most striking features of the original is that humans have lost their capacity for speech.

I don’t want to fall prey to a luddite attitude of what might be called “Turklism“, much less what we might call “Plato’s Fallacy” (his notorious critique of writing and writing technology), but, by way of hyperbole, I wonder if there isn’t a sense in which we’re moving in that direction.

today, I emphasized the manner in which so many of the virtues he lists are social in nature.

Although we intuitively value many of the virtues Aristotle lists, I don’t think it would occur to many of us to count these among more or ethical issues. What is striking is that many of these virtues pertain to dialogue or conversation.

When I’m out for dinner, I often see couples on their smart phones rather than talking to each other.