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It just bothers me that Nintendo/Square/Whoever decided to change this on my behalf rather than allow me to look at the rating, do my research, and decide for myself. The original outfits can be brushed off as fan service by people who don't like to think, like several on this very page. People animated them to move, and people did a good job with all of these things.They don't want to consider that designed those original outfits. Now that work has been scrubbed clean and the replacements are significantly worse.

Not because they were changes, not because they weren't the real vision from the minds of the creators, but because they were , full stop, especially where Fates is concerned. If I change my mind down the road I'll pick it up pre-owned just so be sure that I don't send the message that this is okay. If anyone blows this out of proportion as a game breaker (when it has honestly been known for a year now along with reduced textures on the 3DS version) then that's depressing.Coming up with it in a time shortly before the Game is released is a smart move for his Clickbait, but there will be people who may think this only happened to the Western Version.Yes, there are these people who only read the headline without watching the Video.Didn't stop ignorant people in the You Tube comments from blaming No A anyway. Remember all the way to NES-SNES Nin schooled Square with censoring so when Square decided to start making games back on Nin's system they already knew the deal when making content like that on a Nin system.So its both parties that are to blame XCX & FF5 all over again & I am calling it right now, FF15 female Cid will get censored from head to toe if the port hits it I 100% it!It's the same reason changes to Star Wars are hated and replacement theme park attractions never live up to what was torn down to make way for it.

Then comes Fire Emblem and Tokyo Mirage where it's not just costumes changed.

You and me both dislike Trump, but you're acting pretty delusional here as to why and how he got elected Why would you want to wear any of those outfits into battle with monsters?

You also act as if only ignorant and raging people voted for people (or that the only response to censorship is ignorance and rage), which is far from the truth.

Putting a towel over Tharja makes sense compared to this.

If that's what you want more power to you, but I've already played Dragon Quest VIII and when I played it the game was superior to what's on offer today. As I said before, having the game on other console and prefer to sticking to that I understand, but I still don't get the fuzz about the clothes both on this now and on Tokyo Mirage.

With altered scenes, dialogue and costumes this is no longer Dragon Quest VIII.

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