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Shabbat comdating - dating site jokes

” May you have clarity in who you are and what you are looking for, and may you have good people to walk along side you.Your Marriage Minded Mentor, Take a good look at yourself. Is there something you’ve been meaning to do about your physical or spiritual well-being?

I would like to meet someone who is kind, honest, positive, mature, and dependable; someone who can talk about real things, but also enjoy life with a sense of humor (that’s not sarcastic or cynical!And again, she did a great job of defining her terms. Musical in some way—singing, instrument-playing, love listening to music and finding new artists. I like to bake, sew, do yoga, art projects, sing, and I think it’s really cool when other people have their own interests too and pursue those. Clearly this was a dating profile she sent out to friends, family and matchmakers.“Nice bonuses, but not required,” says to me: ‘If you have these things you are likely to win me over, and while I don’t want to demand them, they are important to me and I think I’ll be best suited to someone like this. This ending clearly shows that she is a thoughtful and grateful person.—This is really not a good fit for me as I am pretty sensitive).She could have ended the sentence after the word aligned, but she made a great choice by adding, “strives to live by them.” That is a golden nugget of information.I like to learn, daven (pray), say berachot (blessings) when I remember.

Most of all, I strive to have good middot (character traits).

Overall, the most important thing her profile gets across is that she clearly knows herself and understands what she is looking for.

That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll get what she wants, but she is better equipped to find men who are like-minded and to have a more positive dating experience until she meets Mr. The profile is indented, and my comments are in italics. If there was a snowstorm and I had to be stuck in one store, it’d be a tough call between Michael’s Arts and Crafts and Barnes and Noble. “If there was a snowstorm…” is a very interesting way to begin a profile.

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I love to travel and explore the world, meet different types of people and experience different cultures.