South korean dating service

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South korean dating service

She added that as getting married and starting a family require big sums of money, young people don't want to risk going into it without knowing their partner's socio-economic background and financial status - information which dating agencies can provide.Said sociologist Kim Soo Kyung, a research professor at Korea University: "Marriage has become like a business or contract.

I needed to meet this guy," recalled the 32-year-old freelance theatre producer with a laugh.

Duo, which claims to be the largest dating agency in the country, has a membership of 31,000.

It has made over 33,000 successful matches that led to marriages in the past two decades.

A typical male member is a 33-year-old university graduate who earns 40 million won a year, while a typical female member is a 30-year-old degree holder earning 30 million won a year.

RETURN OF A TRADITION Matchmakers have traditionally played a key role in Korean society, said Ms Park.

But Ms Chung was anything but impressed when her date, a freelance storyboard artist for TV commercials, showed up wearing a Burberry trench coat and driving a Range Rover, as if flaunting his wealth.

"Maybe he did it to get girls, but it sure didn't impress me.Then, one could go for "sogaeting", a one-on-one blind date with a friend's friend, or "meeting", a small gathering of six to eight singles who typically break the ice by playing some kind of drinking game.Nightclubs would offer a so-called "booking" service, where a middleman would help men to approach women who they fancy and take them to their tables for a drink.For financial consultant Choi Min Hee, 35, it was her mother's colleague who introduced her to her husband, an office manager, a decade ago.Ms Choi said she was under family pressure to marry early and, as fate would have it, her date turned out to be her ideal man.LESS HUNG UP ABOUT MARRIAGE South Koreans today are also less anxious about getting married, with marriage now viewed as an option and not a must.