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Often we follow recipes handed down to us by my Mom and her Mom…my Grandmother, Maria Truzzolino.

After a bit of research…we decided to make pici pasta. Most pastas are made with egg…but centuries ago poor Tuscans didn’t even need a chicken around to produce a satisfying pici pasta meal.

They want you fed, full and outta there ASAP so the next jumbo sized diner can take your place. For the uninformed, the biennial Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans is a celebration of American roots music, with an emphasis on the Unsung Heroes of rock, blues, soul, R and B, gospel and any other form of bone satisfying rhythm you can imagine…or shake your booty to.

That evening…with our stomachs full and our spirits rising…Hurricane Nate’s footprint crept closer…growing bigger, wetter and more wild. For a review of how and why The Stomp exists…you can get up to speed with a couple of pieces I wrote about it on these pages during my last Stomp visit to the Crescent City back in 2015…here…and here.

Now Zack and I have twelve months to decide what we will create together next Christmas. In the past, on the December days she’d be creating this sweet madness…I’d occasionally wander through our warm kitchen…see her busy measuring, mixing, stirring, rolling and baking…and take for granted that what came out of her oven was just another pleasure among many that she’s so good at creating.

Oh, I’d help with the cleanup…but too infrequently did I actually contribute to the assembly process on Christmas Cookie Day. And I have a new appreciation for all the hard work, energy and care that goes into making each batch of cookies Sonja prepares for the holiday season. From the planning, to the shopping…to the hours spent mixing and baking…cookies to share are really a labor of love.

Because five old guys at or near 70 years can not live on music alone…our trips into America’s south also include healthy portions of the kind of unhealthy comfort food and drink we don’t consume and relish regularly; the sort of rib sticking, coma inducing, deep fried deliciousness which always tests our gastro-stamina, the cardiac will to beat on…as well as the ability to imbibe the quantities of cold liquid refreshment only years of mature practice enable.

And then…just as the five of us were getting settled into our Airbnb and ready to roll the first evening in town, we got word that a tropical storm, Nate…was wrecking havoc in central America and bearing down on us in New Orleans…as a hurricane!Most of the adventures from my 8 days with 4 buddies in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee…coming soon!The past couple of years around Christmas time…my son Zack and I have created Italian food specialties in my kitchen at home.Tuesday afternoon Sonja began sorting through her thick orange recipe binder for the recipes to create. After years of cookie artistry, Sonja has decided that whipping up all these cookies is a tough task to accomplish in one extremely long session…so she assembles all the ingredients one day…rolls, drops, cuts and bakes on the following day.I didn’t contribute much on Day One I must admit, except to help with some cleanup and spoon licking.The highlights of the day were Q and A’s with Philly soul sound groundbreakers Archie Bell (“Tighten Up“) and Winfield Parker. Interviews with New Orleans gospel music legends James Williams (Guitarist and Leader of The Electrifying Crown Seekers) and Andrew Jackson (Leader of The Famous Rocks of Harmony) shed light on the gospel and R&B recordings on the niche New Orleans Rosemont label back in the 60’s. Without even thinking twice about what our loved ones might scribble out in our obituaries, we began to get busy, After settling into our Airbnb off the Esplanade…the five of us headed off to revisit Pal’s Lounge…the cool neighborhood dive bar we discovered and frequented during our 2015 visit to NOLA.

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