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The heat saw many in attendance strip down to their bathers or even less and jump into swimming pools onsite in an effort to cool down as the party kicked off.However some seemingly weren't phased by temperatures in the 30s, still wearing unique leather outfits and large hats throughout the last day of 2016.

In Sydney, many revellers camped out for more than 24 hours before the incredible fireworks production kicked off.And I would not be surprised if that happens again with this post covering a major federal report about the Arctic released yesterday.The report finds that the current rate of Arctic warming is unprecedented in at least the past 2,000 years.Travellers from as far as Mexico visited Australia to be among the first to wish one another a 'happy New Year'.One man told the Nine Network he and his wife had secured a position on Friday and slept in their tent overnight to ensure it wasn't taken.Police also warned they would be using buses and garbage trucks as safety barriers in an attempt to prevent a Nice or Berlin-style terror attack.

An large number of families and parents with young children left the city shortly after the 9pm show came to a conclusion.

However local residents in some of Sydney's harbourside suburbs were left angry after police refused to allow them back to their homes because of large crowds gathered nearby.

It’s a common refrain doubters of human-caused global warming: Temperatures now are no higher than they were during the Medieval Warm Period from about 800 to 1400 AD.

With the Sydney Harbour Bridge lit purple, fireworks spewed from the lower road of the bridge in an effort to produce 'Purple Rain' - one of his most famous songs.

In Melbourne, locals crammed into Federation Square and along the Yarra River to catch a glimpse of Victoria's midnight fireworks.

To help cater for the huge crowds, NSW police say they an extra 2,000 officers will be out in force across Sydney.

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