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Trains and buses serve main destinations around the island. Prices are seasonal in Sri Lanka so it’s always worth asking for a discount outside peak times. Budget travellers are more likely to find room in hotels or guesthouses. Meals involve a mountain of rice surrounded by curries, spiced vegetables, salads and pickles. Most areas of Sri Lanka are now safe for travellers but check with the Foreign Office for the latest security information before you pick a route into the north.String hoppers – pancakes of noodles - are local specialities. Ask your GP or travel clinic about malaria prophylaxis and make sure you’re up to date on other vaccinations. From charging elephants and hunting polar bears, to posing penguins and a kingfisher in flight.

To see leopard and elephant in the wild there are a number of spectacular National Parks, lushly overgrown in the tropical climate: Yala is perhaps the most visited. There are quiet beaches while others catch great surfing waves.The £50 can even be redeemed on top of any discounts our partners are already offering, ensuring Wanderlust subscribers get the best deal possible.Simply quote your unique voucher code when booking to claim the discount.Here are the must-see hotspots Wanderlust subscribers now receive a free £50 voucher valid on trips from a great selection of top tour operators And the best bit is, this isn't a one-off offer, you get one every time you renew as well!The £50 discount can be redeemed against one trip booking with one of our tour operator partners, by the expiry date printed on the voucher.This tour is for wildlife enthusiasts who want to relax and enjoy their holiday too.

Covers verdant rainforest, elephants and leopards in their natural state and lush countryside bursting with colour.

Venture into the British tea plantations, nature reserves and botanical gardens of the hill country. Set adrift in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is jam-packed with ancient sites, fascinating culture, beautiful wilderness and idyllic beaches. Sri Lanka has great wildlife, ranging from the Asian elephant to the elusive leopard and shy sloth bear.

But the island offers much more, such as a great variety of birds and spectacular flora, and...

The balmy waters around Sri Lanka are home to a wealth of cetacean life, including blue whales, sperm whales and spinner dolphins.

On land, the national parks have elephants and leopard, and this i...

There are thronged temples and sacred relics, religious festivals and extravagant sacrements, at their most spectacular in the holy city of Kandy, home to the Buddha's tooth.