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Stephen walker liquidating - noushad baqavi speeches daily updating sitesi

Pudney said the corrupt officials were in Bhisho and in the Nelson Mandela Bay council.Contacted for comment yesterday, Pudney said he stood by what he had said in the affidavit.

It happens in other industries as well.” Because he was unwilling to conduct his business in this manner, he had lost out on various tenders.“He should go to the police if he has information on corruption,” he said.Municipal spokesman Roland Williams also encouraged Pudney to provide details of his allegations to the authorities so that they could be investigated.In the footage Foster is seen repeatedly punching Mr Walker outside Walker's girlfriend's house and Williams is seen kicking Mr Walker in the head as he lies on the ground.Judge Rhys Rowlands told the pair they were 'looking for trouble and looking to be violent' in a hearing at Mold Crown Court, yesterday.He said employees were not allowed to do business with the municipality and if Pudney had information to the contrary, he should give it to the relevant authorities to be investigated.

A senior manager in the office of the premier, Mxolisi Spondo, said there were anti-corruption units in each of the departments at provincial level which were tasked to deal with this type of corruption.

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“Our very specific specifications would appear in the event tender adverts and we were informed in advance as to whose turn it was to win the tender,” Pudney said.

“This happened time and time again, and we were informed before the tender was actually advertised who would contact us and appoint us as the sub-contractor for the event.” He claimed this was when the system evolved and the company was told to increase the invoice and pay the “five special people”.

Owner Doug Pudney, in an affidavit signed when the company underwent business rescue, blamed the position the business was in on government officials’ demands for kickbacks.

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