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“I’m still living in a crappy one-bedroom apartment,” he laughs.

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With his growing success, Martin reckons that off-screen, as well as on, “It would be easy to be difficult for a while.” But he has avoided the Stallone stardom syndrome.

But the Associated Press' Mark Kennedy was less enthusiastic, writing: 'The show that opened Thursday at the Cort Theatre never hits an honest note and seems to have been written by two people who adore classic Broadway musicals but who have intentionally decided to make a third-rate version.''The music, with a few exceptions, is weak, with few of the songs fully fleshed out and some having been recycled from the pair's previous CDs.

It takes five songs until the audience is finally roused with "Whoa, Mama."''Act One ends with an unspeakable act made worse by one of the lousiest special effects in Broadway history.

It’s not fair to subjugate a child’s education to our egos.” Which is Steve’s way of saying he is still working flat-out.

He has begun taping a TV special that will be seen next month and is working on ideas for his second picture for Universal, throwing around names like Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton as co-stars.

Steve shares his digs now with three cats (Mary, Betty and Dr.

Forbes), but children are not in his immediate future. “You’d have to be around all the time, and I’m on the road.

He has also signed a separate movie deal with Warner Bros.

Martin is not looking forward to going back on the road with his act and will limit live performances if he can sustain a film career.

So by the time they were on The Jerk location together from 5 in the morning until 8 in the evening, they were already close, and the combination was felicitous.

“The fact that they know and love each other makes the scenes in the movie work even better,” says co-producer David Picker.

Martin’s real home is Aspen, where he has dwelt as an outsider (except for the occasional company of John Denver) for two years. “The film gave me a lot of confidence in what I’m doing in making comedy,” he says.

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