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Some two months earlier, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan had asked the Master of the Rolls, Lord Denning, to conduct a judicial inquiry into the circumstances leading to the resignation of Profumo. Thank you again.” Ward turned to me, and for the first time that evening he was smiling and almost happy. Ward, wearing a white, open-necked shirt, chain-smoked as he wrote those notes in between our conversation, and then became restless and started wandering round the room. “Don’t do anything stupid,” was my banal farewell to him. Sex fuelled every aspect of it, and the heat from the scandal died only with Ward’s demise.Denning’s right-hand man and secretary to the inquiry was a senior Home Office civil servant, Thomas Critchley. “Christ, you won’t believe this – that was Tom Critchley, Denning’s private secretary. What an extraordinary man, and what a generous thing to do. “I suppose everyone likes a lynching,” he said, morose now; the uplift from Critchley’s generous call had dissipated. When the Denning Report was published in September 1963, its frank sexual content made it a bit of a top-shelf read.

The assignment of my career was turning my life into a nightmare.

These notes reveal just how febrile the atmosphere was in the Denning camp, and the tensions between the prurience of naive middle-aged men struck by their first encounter with the Runyonesque sexual underworld of London, and the obligation to drill for the real truth behind the scandal.

The two main players – Ward and Denning – might have been born on different planets.

The Denning Report was to be published in September 1963. I made the wrong decision to try to save my marriage. Ostensibly an inquiry into security matters surrounding the scandal, its impact from the very first page was to destroy Ward and establish him as the manipulator-in-chief. he used to pick up pretty girls of the age of 16 or 17…

Its main function, intended or not, was to publicly crucify Stephen Ward, while effectively exonerating the Minister for War for a foolish peccadillo. How’s this for the opening page of an “impartial” judicial report on the security aspects of the scandal. and induce them to come and stay with him at his house… He had charm, was kind, was a free spirit in tune with the changing sexual mores of the time, but he also displayed immaturity, selfishness, he was manipulative and loved exercising power over young girls who had been hypnotised by the new life in the Big Smoke.

His last hours on earth that night were reasonably calm and philosophical. “My lawyers say there is little hope left,” he told me. It’s not prison that worries me, it’s taking the blame, being the victim of a witch-hunt. Denning’s picture of him was not only false and cruel, it was also wholly unnecessary unless the hatchet job was required to explain why Mr Profumo was unable to keep his pants up while in a grand and sensitive office of state.

Much of Denning’s basic investigative work remains under lock and key, possibly for ever.From 2005 to 2006 he served as the Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East on the National Intelligence Council, and he served on the National Security Council from 1998 to 1999. Now that President Donald Trump has demonstrated his willingness to get tough with a regional bad actor by using a cruise missile attack to punish the Assad regime and try to deter it from any future...He is also a graduate of West Point and a retired U. He had the strictest views on the sanctity of marriage, and was a deeply committed Christian, describing religion as “perhaps the chiefest influence on me of all”.One of Denning’s major tasks was to investigate one of the more notorious rumours surrounding the scandal.Ward discovered, too late, that he had been set up. He also procured them to be mistresses for his influential friends… He talked posh but liked to pretend he blurred class distinctions.