Stop dating these people

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Stop dating these people - muscle pics dating

Whilst those girls were spending their nights on double dates at the cinema, with the tweeny heart-throbs that my friends and I would write about in our planners, I was playing football on the local cricket pitch.Whilst they were shopping for clothes on the weekends, I was having water gun fights with my brother in the garden!

If I had half the amount of power that the men of Linked In gave me, I’d probably be running the country. However, I seem to possess this online presence on Linked In that I don’t possess in real life. I stumble across many articles on Linked In based around the topic of the profile picture.

Now that I’m older, I realise that that was all a load of crap. They were just early developers who were mean and pretty.

With a fair idea on how to apply makeup and wear push-up bras.

On the days that deep brain stimulation was administered, or 'on,' the scientists observed a significant (approximately 60 per cent) decrease in consumption of the high-fat diet.

On the alternate days when they turned off the stimulator, binge eating returned.

There aren’t many other photo’s of me that I would deem suitable for Linked In upload either.

It should be unique to you and the industry/environment within which you work.

If I were single, Linked In would be a pretty decent breeding ground in which to prowl for a potential new suitor (sarcasm).

In good humour I thought I’d share a small selection of my favourites to date: 1.

However, I draw a line at pictures of your entire family. There are times when it is offensive to me, that a person’s skills and commercial capabilities are overlooked in such an overt way.

There appears to be widespread, under-appreciation for professional content on Linked In.

It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.