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When part of the Russian Empire in 1911 to 1913, the antisemitic attitudes can be seen in the number of blood libel cases.In 1915, the government expelled thousands of Jews from the Empire's border areas.

From the founding of the Kingdom of Poland in the 10th century through the creation of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1569, Poland was considered one of the most diverse countries in Europe.

Recent estimates range from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand Jews killed or taken captive, and 300 Jewish communities totally destroyed.

During the 1821 anti-Jewish riots in Odessa after the death of the Greek Orthodox patriarch in Constantinople, 14 Jews were killed.

Ukraine had 840,000 Jews in 1959, a decrease of almost 70% from 1941 (within Ukraine's current borders).

Ukraine's Jewish population declined significantly during the Cold War.

pogroms continued to be perpetrated on Ukrainian territory.

In Ukraine, the number of civilian Jews killed during the period was between 35 and 50 thousand.

Some sources claim this episode as the first pogrom.

At the start of 20th century, anti-Jewish pogroms continued to occur.

The Ukrainian Cossack Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky led a Cossack uprising, known as Khmelnytsky Uprising (1648–1657), under the premise that the Poles had sold them as slaves "into the hands of the accursed Jews." At that time it is estimated that the Jewish population in Ukraine numbered 51,325.

An army of Cossacks and Crimean Tatars massacred and took into captivity a large number of Jews, Roman Catholics and Uniates in 1648–49.

In Halychyna (Galicia), the westernmost area of Ukraine, Jews were mentioned for the first time in 1030.