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The mechanics of the Snowden affair are not new by any stretch, only the actors and agents are.On face value, the Snowden revelations do 3 things.

For one, even a cursory exploration into the microstructure of the internet, internet security and the various protocols and transfer layers, you wonder how on earth they manage to transmit thousands of gigabytes of 1’s and 0’s at near the speed of light across the world so consistently and accurately.

A key issue relates to the unobservability of OD flows in real networks – except from closed highway systems – thus leading to inherent difficulties in measuring performance of OD flows estimation/updating methods and algorithms.

Starting from these premises, the paper proposes a common evaluation and benchmarking framework, providing a synthetic test bed, which enables implementation and comparison of OD estimation/updating algorithms and methodologies under “standardized” conditions.

21st century ‘combat’ is no longer strictly a military theatre, and (in my opinion) has formally involved commercial tactics since the US-Russia cold war – say the end of World War 2.

But the contents of this soap box script are not about history.

In doing so, it is easy to gloss over the fact that connections are by not means dedicated, nor should they be considered private. (here is the kicker) Does your ongoing existence depend in the integrity of the internet? It does not have to be you who is exposed to exploitation (hacked).

The function of the internet is implicitly reliant on unrelated multijurisdictional connections, hence it cannot be thought of as secure. Yet your identity can be extracted by a hacker exploiting a weakness of any one device involved in parsing your information. It has an addon utility called “Collusion” to discover who is tracking you online.

Simple plebiscites like me think most internet interaction is via point to point connections (or peer to peer).

But there are a multitude of intermediaries (servers and networks switches) along the way. Broadly speaking, the internet world is broken into 5 main regions (RIR’s) that track and register IP addresses using the IPv4 or IPv6 address spaces – ARIN Lac Nic RIPE Afr Nic APNic simple peer to peer concept above of establishing a link (session) between a user and provider for browsing/conversation/file transfer can hop between up to 20-30 (sometimes more) intermediary devices and easily involve up to a dozen unique end devices (servers) in providing the sessions information/data/charts/point of sale.

This is a fascinating issue involving complex networks of 21st century actors and agents, based on centuries old objectives. Without declaring a war, the Snowden situation (like others before it) is now an exercise opportunity for the US to test its machinery and the multitude of agency relationships, including those with sovereign allies.

A great deal of money has been spent on the US military to become one of the largest employers in the world and opportunities to justify these expenses are reducing.

Hence, this issue is bittersweet and can be considered a test.

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