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My attempts to promote such research were resisted by academics, who claimed it would belittle other ethnic groups.The real losers in this refusal to tackle race and gender issues honestly are, ironically, women and ethnic minorities.

A few weeks ago, Trevor Phillips observed that Barack Obama’s iconic status as the first African-American U. President should not obscure his mixed political record.Hardly a day goes by on campuses without a demand for a statue to be removed or for ‘safe spaces’ where sensitive students can be sheltered from robust views in a cultural debate or sexual violence in a classic literary text.But how is a young person to understand how precious are the freedoms we enjoy today without learning what the world was like before them?A business leaders’ think-tank, the Centre for Talent Innovation, found that many female and minority executives in the U. complained their bosses were too afraid of being accused of racism or sexism to talk to them honestly about their performance.They only found out they had been failing professionally when they were fired.Hypersensitivity about offending minorities has also stopped us having a grown-up debate about migration.

Take the recent decision by John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, to try to ban President Trump from speaking in the Palace of Westminster because of his supposed Islamophobia, writes Trevor Phillips Last week, Tony Blair, in his speech on Brexit, said ‘immigration is the issue’.For that, he was accused by one Radio 4 commentator of peddling a ‘racist narrative’But it happens that many of these evangelicals take a dim view of homosexuality.I don’t agree with them, but I felt the EHRC had to respect and reflect all points of view. They also wanted to see a black commissioner appointed — but only one whose views echoed their own in every way.Without the intervention of Harriet Harman, Brown would probably have sacked me.Yet by striving to appease special interests, even well-intentioned ‘equality warriors’ lay themselves open to the charge that they value diversity only as long as it serves their political purpose.The result — as I argue tonight in a TV programme — is that our political and cultural elite seem unable to speak plainly about things that concern many citizens.

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