Troy dating britta

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Troy dating britta

Britta Perry is a complex character who should have been treated better and not gratuitously fucked over by the writers of .

Despite how much she cares and truly wants to help everyone, she is constantly made seem small, insignificant and wrong – one may argue that “in the end, she was right, so who cares? How many episodes were there that she wants to help Jeff, Troy, and Abed to deal with their feelings, but keeps getting negativism until they finally reach their own catharsis? One might argue that Britta got progressively “worse” as seasons went on because of the severe changes her character went through with time.As they so marvelously explained, Britta’s parents were one of those cases where they seem like great people, but only when you actually know and spend time as their child, you really can say who they are.That narrative resonated with so many people, I assume, because it is very true.She only did the wrong things because the narrative dumbed her down to the point where there’s literally no justification as to why she would make some mistakes. That was one huge stance where the audience connected with her as, six seasons too late, we were given a bit of backstory and met a couple of people from her past/family (I guess we should be thankful?One example of these mistakes without an explanation: the Sadie Hawkins dance. Annie didn’t get the same treatment and Troy barely got it).The point is: for some reason, Britta was never allowed to make mistakes by her peers, but of course she made them – she is human. If everyone else knew who she was to the point where everybody realized she had mixed the women up, then so would she.

Soon, they started using her name as a metaphor for doing the wrong thing (“you brittaed it”/” Call this off before it becomes a full-scale `Brittastrophe`.”). Jeff points out that Britta had a cat called SBA, and what a fine lampshade that is, but that doesn’t explain shit. Sure, we can *try* to accept that she would pronounce Oedipus wrong since she is still studying psychology (even if this is the kind of thing that like everyone knows even when you don’t study? Britta is the embodiment of that college stereotype: the liberal, democrat, anarchist who smokes weed and is outspoken. She was proud of her causes even if they sounded stupid… Probably my favorite Britta episode came out on Season 6 as we meet Britta’s parents.She makes Shirley go after hew sandwich shop instead of putting it off because of her wedding.She hates herself so much that she wants to be there for everyone.I want more episodes around her internalized guilt (like the one where she cheats on the exam and leaves the cheat crib on the floor on purpose so she could be caught).I want more episodes where she is concerned about people’s mental health, but is not ridiculed for it not even for one single moment.It just seems to me like there’s an actual effort to have Britta shat on by everyone around her, even when she is clearly the character who wants the best for her peers.

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