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Indeed, measured by his cultural footprint, Neil Strauss is many times the world-conquering bro that Tucker Max is.

It now appears, though, that both Strauss and Max are in brand-renovation mode. I found his site hilarious and played around on his messageboard from time to time.He eventually added a quote from the game to his signature: "In the guise of Jeremy-Ruby Strauss and the internet, god had given me a second chance" - Neil Strauss.The credulity quotient doesn’t exactly improve as the book goes on.We learn that, in addition to provoking the righteous ire of humorless health professionals, Strauss is very much the victim of an overbearing mother.It’s hard to imagine any of these lovingly enumerated techniques actually working, and most reasonable women assumed Strauss and Pick-Up Artist Theory were full of shit.

Still, his books were fun, trashy reads, and though hardly feminist, they lacked the anti-woman rage of Max.

Despite living in a college town myself (presumably the heart of Maxmania), I had never encountered Max’s bestselling in 2006—did not translate well to the big screen.

There’s no question that Max’s work traded in misogyny.

Despite the oppressive hand of this sadistic Nurse Ratched character, Strauss manages to rally his fellow subjugated menfolk, who applaud him when he bests her with his superior intellect, making clever use of a Venn diagram.

(When I recounted this episode to my Very Good Pal Nick Mullen, a comedian known for fairly offensive humor, he joked, “They were just clapping because they thought he drew a pair of boobs.”) I got the distinct impression that this was supposed to be Strauss’s subjugated-male equivalent of the Attica prison riot, but I had trouble both believing the story and perceiving a voluntary addiction treatment center as a truly despotic place.

Lines like “Your whole gender is hardwired for whoredom” and “Fat girls aren’t real people” are pretty representative of his oeuvre.

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