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Welcome to the website for the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) at the University of Illinois at Chicago.The OSFA administers an array of federal, state and institutional programs.

2017-18 files will remain available on finaid online through June 2019.

Based on the information you provided on your FAFSA, the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is the amount of money the federal government has determined that you can contribute toward your law school education.

The EFC is federally regulated and is established by income, asset, and household information that you provide on the FAFSA.

After being selected for admission, applicants can apply for scholarship funding from Duke Law.

Scholarships are offered in the form of a total sum to be disbursed evenly over the six semesters of the student’s enrollment (unless otherwise specified in the Scholarship Contract). The FAFSA is the need analysis document that must be completed by all U. citizens and permanent residents who are applying for any federal aid (i.e., Federal Stafford, Grad PLUS and Perkins Loans or Work Study).

Sign in using the same account you use for finaid online.

Publications and other important information are available in the FAS Information Center.

This email will provide instructions on how to view your Student Aid Report (SAR) and how to make any necessary corrections.

If you need to add an additional school, please wait until you receive your SAR, or updated SAR, listing your first ten schools before making any corrections or adding additional schools.

The Office of Financial Aid has developed a list of frequently asked questions about the FAFSA to assist Duke Law students.

Students who have questions not covered here should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Encompassing the Student Financial Aid Office and the Student Accounts Office, Student Financial Services (SFS) assists students and families in making a Carnegie Mellon education affordable and manages all student-related financial activity, including the billing and payment process.

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