Updating iptables

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Updating iptables

For example, to revert changes to the For the technical details about how this command works and the steps it performs, see here.As the Template VM is used for creating filesystems for other App VMs, where you actually do the work, it means that the Template VM is as trusted as the most trusted App VM based on this template.

It is done with http proxy instead of simple firewall rules because it is hard to list all the repository mirrors (and keep that list up to date).The proxy is used only to filter the traffic, not to cache anything.The proxy is running in selected VMs (by default all the Net VMs (1)) and intercepts traffic directed to all the programs and system files) is based on the root filesystem of the corresponding template VM.This dramatically saves disk space, because each new App VM needs disk space only for storing the user’s files (i.e. Of course the App VM has only read-access to the template’s filesystem – it cannot modify it in any way.The user should decide by themselves whether such third-party applications should be equally trusted as the ones that come from the standard Fedora signed repositories and whether their installation will not compromise the default Template VM, and potentially consider installing them into a separate template or a standalone VM (in which case the problem of limited networking access doesn’t apply by default), as described above.

Updates proxy is a service which filters http access to allow access to only something that looks like a yum or apt repository.In other words, if your template VM gets compromised, e.g.because you installed an application, whose scripts (such as %post in the rpm.spec) are benign or not.Or perhaps you’ve made a terrible mistake, like accidentally confirming the installation of an unsigned package that could be malicious.Fortunately, it’s easy to revert changes to Template VMs using the This means that if you have already restarted the Template VM, using this command is unlikely to help, and you’ll likely want to reinstall it from the repository instead.On the other hand, if the template is already broken or compromised, it won’t hurt to try reverting first.

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