Validating x509 certificates c

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Validating x509 certificates c

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This chapter will explain the cryptographic background that forms the foundation of PKI systems, the mechanics of the X.509 PKI system (as elaborated by the Internet Engineering Task Force), the practical issues surrounding the implementation of PKI systems, a number of alternative PKI standards, and alternative cryptographic strategies for solving the problem of secure public key distribution.

A host or service's certificate or public key can be added to an application at development time, or it can be added upon first encountering the certificate or public key.

The former - adding at development time - is preferred since preloading the certificate or public key out of band usually means the attacker cannot taint the pin.

You should pin anytime you want to be relatively certain of the remote host's identity or when operating in a hostile environment.

Since one or both are almost always true, you should probably pin all the time.

It does not aim to be a comprehensive guide to all PKI standards or to contain sufficient technical detail to allow implementation of a PKI system.

These systems are continually evolving, and the reader interested in building or operating a PKI is advised to consult the current work of standards bodies referenced in this chapter.In this case, do not offer to whitelist the interception proxy since it defeats your security goals.Add the interception proxy's public key to your pinset after being instructed to do so by the folks in Risk Acceptance.The first thing to decide is what should be pinned.For this choice, you have two options: you can (1) pin the certificate; or (2) pin the public key.Downloading/unpacking requests Cannot fetch index base URL Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement requests Cleaning up...

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