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Some 30 years later there was a demand for labour in Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, and the Samoan Islands when, at its height, as many as half the male adult population of several of the islands were working overseas.

At this time the annual rent will be negotiated for the term of the lease, on the same basis.

Over half of Vanuatu’s exports go to Thailand, and a quarter to Japan.

Its biggest import partners are Australia, Singapore and Japan.

Tourism plays an important part in the economy, accounting for around 20% of GDP.

With approximately 110,000 international air passengers for 2012 and 113 Cruise ship arrivals already confirmed for 2013. Bauerfield International Airport provides flights to New Zealand, Australia all major cities , Fiji and New Caledonia and its surrounding islands.

Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a French admiral, rediscovered the islands.

The islands were later named by Capt Cook in 1774 (whilst on the first of three Pacific voyages) as the New Hebrides and this name was retained until independence.

Early Vanuatu did have its personalities, one being Roy Mata, a king who had managed to unite half a dozen local tribes in the area; he is buried under a large mound with some of his followers on Hat Island.

The important commercial discovery of Sandalwood by Peter Dillon on the island of Erromango began a rush that ended in 1830 with a feud between imported labour and the indigenous people.

In 1882 the Caledonian Company of the New Hebrides was established, mainly by British subjects from Australia, although this was quickly augmented by French entrepreneurs and by the early 1900’s the French population was double that of the British.

Present day Port Vila on Efate (or Sandwich Island) was originally the municipality of Franceville, established under the loose jurisdiction of a joint Anglo-French naval commission in 1887, during the period when the New Hebrides were a neutral territory.

These rules apply to everyone regardless of background.

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