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I remember waiting weeks for the postman to deliver replies (the sack could be disappointingly small!As I discovered, it's hard to judge personality from a hand-written page of A4 and a tiny passport photo.

Many of us work in virtually single-sex environments.

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Write down assumptions, and spend the first month talking to people in the target group and gauging their interest.

Fontusairo is looking for a motivated and skilled Senior IT Administrator to join our team.

This position will be responsible for growing and maintaining our e-commerce environment as well as our office infrastructure.

He says that when he courted her on, he did not know of her job in a fully equipped dungeon.'Well, at 50 they may be going through a bit of a sea-change,' I tried to explain.

By 50-plus you'll be a grown-up with a loyal circle of friends and family, fulfilling work/life projects and a sense of who you really are in the world.

'They may have left a marriage, been made redundant, had a mid-life crisis and decided to travel.'In a 25-year office career, I've sat next to only two men,' a friend observes feelingly.

In my early 30s, working in an all-female office, I tried what was coyly called the Lonely Hearts pages - where you paid for an advert with a PO Box.

Ask yourself why he would be blessed to spend lots of time, maybe even the rest of his life on earth, with you.

What are the payoffs of the date or the relationship?

Marriage works best when there are actually two whole people involved, and the more fully developed they are, the better.