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Jones’ seeming allegiance to Zionism, which explains why he virtually never targets Zionist Jews or the racist, Zionist rogue state of Israel when engaging in his notorious , may well stem from a Protestant-Zionist belief system, and the widely circulated reports that his wife is a Jew - - which makes his two children Jewish under Talmudic law and eligible for the Israeli .

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The Fore Runner has previously released a series of 11 videos entitled the Jay-Z Deception, which chronicle the 'darkness' of pop stars like the Rihanna and argue that they are 'antagonistic to Christianity'.

While speaking to the Seventh-Day Adventist congregation on Oct.

8, Jones expressed problems with "Two and a Half Men," on which he co-stars as Jake Harper and earns 0,000 per episode.

This year, Alan has written the Harper Christmas newsletter to send out.

Now, I sometimes get newsletters in lieu of a Christmas card and for me it just seems a little too impersonal.

Jones made headlines Monday for denouncing his hit CBS sitcom as "filth." As a result, Jones' mentor and Forerunner Chronicles host, Christopher Hudson, was also thrust into the spotlight along with his questionable theories -- one of which compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Hudson, who is appears alongside the "Two and a Half Men" star in the "Testimony" interview, is the controversial Forerunner Chronicles preacher behind Jones' outburst.

Still, Jones holds Hudson in high regard, TMZ notes.

The two have become close throughout the past year because of their shared beliefs.

Forerunner Chronicles is linked to the Voice of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, where Jones worships, according to the New York Daily News.

The Forerunner Chronicles You Tube page features a variety of videos dating back to 2007, in which Hudson discusses a number of theories, including his belief that Jay-Z's "Blueprint" albums are markers of his progression as a Freemason and reveal a Satanic plot; that Beyonce is leading people away from Christ and toward accepting "all men of homosexual practices"; that Obama's healthcare plan is a "carbon copy" of the healthcare policies of Hitler; and that a gas crises can lead to cannibalism.

"'I'm concerned he's being exploited by the church," she told Mail Online.

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