Who is karrine steffan dating

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She ordered one dish, and he ordered five entrees for himself.She watched as he took "tiny forkfuls from each dish…Then just that fast, he was done, leaving the majority of the food behind." While most people would be all WTF you just wasted a shit ton of food, Steffans said that she was "in awe" and that "in [her] inexperienced mind, it was the height of glamour." After Steffans and Durst's first date, he was elusive with her, but finally, they got together.

Steffans admitted that she was not physically attracted to Dr. She further admitted that she only liked him because of his power so she slept with him in Room 2257 of the Universal City Hilton.

She definitively saw this coming when Chrissy didn’t.

In 2006, Karinne Steffans released her autobiography, which was a cautionary tale about how she was an abused and neglected youth who succumbed to the glamour of the hip hop world and lost herself in the process.

There were a few accessories that stood out--a giant "pimptionary," a dictionary of pimp terminology, and a video camera set upon a tripod.

In this room we watched porn and made a few flicks of our own." Steffans also wrote that Ice T would give her money when she needed it, and he set her up in an apartment.

"He was young and still a bit inexperienced, and shied away from oral sex, but he would kiss all around my lower regions and make my body quiver just the same." She stated she felt free around him, and they enjoyed being silly together.

"We saw our favorite movies, like Big Momma's House…three or four times and enjoyed them each time as if it were the first time." However, Steffans knew that their young love wouldn't last once Ray J learned of her reputation and lifestyle so she broke up with him.

Things cooled between them when he did The Fast and The Furious and XXX and his career took off.

At the start of Steffans relationship with Shaq, the basketball player was very upfront with the terms.

However, after he got the Law and Order: SVU gig, he cut her off and told her that she was ready to be on her own.

Steffans described how she became then 18-year-old Ray J's girlfriend, and she described how his lovemaking made her feel young again.

Karrine Steffans just used her Twitter fingers to kick Christina Milian while she’s down.