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Lee may not be as suave and sophisticated as his predecessor, Steve Urkel of "Family Matters", but he easily fulfills his role as Ned's best bud Cookie.Initially conceived as a part cyborg in the first season (he had a printer in his pants and computer screen in his glasses), Cookie has since grown into the clumsy best friend whose lack of coordination sometimes works to his benefit.

Lowe), Kyle Swann (Billy "Bully" Loomer), Landon Taylor (Stu) Notable Guest Stars: Dave "Gruber" Allen (Mr.Guide Tip: Leave reminders to bring in the permission slip. Guide Tip: Bring stuff to keep from being bored on field trips, play road games, and bring a cell phone. In it, Ned gives advice on how to properly prepare for the dismissal bell.Unfortunately, his handy-dandy Dismissal List gets lost among now-girlfriend Suzie's stuffed animals when she moves into his locker.With the exception of main character Ned Bigby, everyone from students to teachers are too radical in their personalities to be taken seriously.Each episode exaggerates the everyday, ordinary events of adolescents and caters to those who can find humor in anything.And Moze, poor Moze, flip-flops between her feelings for best friend Ned while being courted again by a now-sophisticated Billy "Bully" Loomer.

As if it weren't crazy enough in this series finale, Gordy and the staff nearly demolish the school in search for the school's wayward weasel. "Guide to: Dismissal" () (Originally aired October 22, 2006) This unique "real-time" episode stands out as my favorite on the disc.As if Ned, Cookie, and Moze weren't enough to populate the series, there's also a venerable amount of recurring characters that supply the pre-teen archetypes like "popular girl" and "school bully", but also offer oddballs like "Backpack Boy" and "The Huge Crew." While most of these characters are very one-dimensional (Billy Loomer's henchmen, for example: Crony and Buzzz), they help provide a nice mix of personalities beyond the "popular versus unpopular" breakdown.Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the adult characters. Gordy the janitor fills the role as Ned's go-to guy for advice, with initial confusion giving way to the real meaning of the words of wisdom.In the lead role of Ned, Devon Werkheiser is very true to part, offering a likable and clever "straight man" to his crazy classmates.He doesn't suffer from the constraints of other child actors, proving comfortable in both his character and his environment."Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs, and Weasels" () (Originally aired June 8, 2007) It's not every day that advice for field trip preparation includes bringing a spare set of clothes in case a friend ends up naked.