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“An empty cab arrived at 10 Downing Street, and when the door opened, Attlee emerged.” “A modest man who has much to be modest about.” “Churchill was funny as hell,” said Oldman, who read as much as he could and also watched archival footage of the man in action.“What I discovered was that he had this great energy. And he had this cherubic grin on his face, and very often a twinkle in his eye, which you could see even in the old black and white,” said Oldman, who plays Churchill in that live-wire manner.

“This [Churchill] is the man who the British insist on hailing as some apostle of freedom and democracy," the author told He added: “Churchill has as much blood on his hands as Hitler does.

But on Tuesday, 59-year-old Gary Oldman revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that the greatest feat he performed in character was to get his wife Gisele Schmidt to agree to marry him, while in heavy prosthetic makeup.'I took her into the map room and as Winston Churchill I said 'Will you marry me?

' and she said 'Yes.'" The Harry Potter actor has enjoyed a successful thirty-year career in the industry, but has only ever received one nomination at the Academy Awards.

He said: 'I would like to thank my magnificent makeup team. You were kind, you were funny, you were patient, and we got through 63 applications.'He then thanked his wife Gisele for tolerating that same makeup, and the huge level of commitment necessary for him to embody the character.'She told her friends, 'I go to bed with Winston Churchill but I wake up with Gary Oldman,'' he began, before adding, 'which I suppose is better than the other way around,' causing the audience to chuckle.

It’s a testament to the actor’s virtuosity that the first two films show Oldman playing quintessential Englishmen — Sid Vicious and George Smiley — who exist on completely different ends of the behavioral spectrum. Also, Oldman loves to do thorough research, and in this case there was simply too much — Churchill authored 50 books, not to mention the copious biographies.

Once he took on the assignment and started doing the work, he was awed by the man’s genius, which often expressed itself in pithy quotes.

Oldman and I had a brief back-and-forth simply quoting Churchill’s putdowns of his successor, Clement Attlee.An Indian politician has put Winston Churchill in the same category as some of “the worst genocidal dictators” of the 20th century because of his complicity in the Bengal Famine.Dr Shashi Tharoor, whose new book chronicles the atrocities of the British Empire, argued the former British Prime Minister’s reputation as a great wartime leader and protector of freedom was wholly miscast given his role in the Bengal famine which saw four million Bengalis starve to death.He said the “excuse that apologists [of British empire] like to make is, it’s not our fault, you just missed the bus for the industrial revolution.Well, we missed the bus because you threw us under its wheels.” This is not the first time Dr Tharoor has voiced his frustrations about the way Churchill is remembered by the history books.“Occasionally, he’s been played as a man in a bad mood.

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