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From here, you’ll submit this document for review to the presiding professor or administrator at your university.Outside of the portfolio approach, there’s also a chance that your professional accolades and credentials – think certified professional account (CPA) and certified computer programmer (CCP) licenses, as well as military training – can also cut down on your degree workload.

Not dealing with the headaches of a daily commute and rigid class times ensures that you complete your coursework on your own time – all without sacrificing other responsibilities and duties.The best part is that you don’t have to put the rest of your life on hold as you seek to achieve these personal goals.When it comes to hammering out the financial details of your return to school, this piece of the puzzle doesn’t have to be one that causes consternation and concern.I have been working, and I want to return to college…but with a totally different major: pre-law to physical therapy.Will this affect my chances of getting into a good college? I don’t know any professors or high school teachers that would give me recommendations.It sounds like you not only took a semester off, but you are also changing colleges. You’ll need your transcript from your previous school, and those courses which apply to your new major will get transferred.

As for recommendations, they may be required, and if so, you’ll have to deal with that.

Does it take some planning and hard work to juggle the rigors of maintaining your coursework while also keeping up with a full-time job and a few kids at home? Our new guide: Going Back to School Made Simple – A Step-by-Step Guide Fortunately, if you’re well-versed on what it takes to go back to school the right way, then you can ensure that you keep all of these responsibilities in line, all while enjoying a quality education experience from the comfort of your own home.

To learn more about how to turn this dream into a reality, here’s a look at everything you need to know about going back to school by enrolling in an accredited, high-quality online degree program that can rival anything you’d find on-campus.

Unfortunately, there’s no hard “yes” or “no” answer to this question that applies to everyone who embarks upon this path.

Figuring out the worth of the adult education process requires asking yourself a few key questions and breaking down what you expect from a degree after you wrap up your coursework.

One of the easiest ways to save time – and money – as an adult who plans to go back to school is by putting your personal, professional, and prior academic experience to good use.

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