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Development of Water Cycle Management tools and models. Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships to supplement investment.

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The speculations began when the actress was cast alongside her ex-boyfriend, Gerald Anderson, in “Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin.” Watch the video below…Groundwater used to be important source water, but for the prevention of ground subsidence, its development has to be strictly prohibited.Since 1990, more than 70% of the water supply to the central urban area has depended on water transfer for about 140 km from a set of dams built on rivers originated from the Qinling Mountain which is the dividing line of the Yellow River and Yangtze River basins.To further increase water supply capacity, not only for Xi’an but also the whole Wei-River basin area, a new development project is under construction for interbasin transfer through a tunnel across the Qinling Mountain.As local water resources are insufficient, the basic principles for urban water management are set as water conservation, equilibrium distribution, systematic governance, and maximized utilization.Yet, over time, climate change, hydrogeological variation, rapid industrialization and urbanization, overuse and improper management of the water resources all resulted in the disappearance of the ancient water quality and abundance; the environmental deterioration has become a major problem hindering the sustainable development of the city.

The fast expansion of the city can be seen from the frequently updated urban development plans.

Its annual precipitation is about 550 mm, yet the evaporation amount far exceeds this amount of rainfall.

Although the Wei River passing through the northern suburb of the city is the largest tributary of the Yellow River, due to overconsumption of the river water in the upstream area, it is almost impossible nowadays to withdraw surface water for water supply to Xi’an.

During the Tang Dynasty (AD 618–907), as the capital, the urban area of Xi’an was as large as 83.1 km2 and the population up to 1 million in its most prosperous times, and that made Xi’an the greatest ancient city in Chinese history.

In ancient times, there was plentiful water running down from the nearby Qinling Mountains, feeding many rivers passing near the city and forming the ancient beauty of “Eight Rivers Surrounding the Capital”.

Celebrity couple Xian Lim and “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin” star Kim Chiu are two of the most famous Kapamilya stars in ABS-CBN.