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A Los Angeles artist with everything seemingly going for him, suddenly finds a change in his life, when an art curator cancels his upcoming one-man show. See full summary » Five loosely intertwined stories of the emotional issues facing individual middle-aged Angelenas are presented. Keener", physician Elaine Keener is spending the day taking ...

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Guitarist Baria Qureshi joined once it began performing in 2005, with Jamie Smith, also known as Jamie xx, joining a year after.

I saw this movie at the Gen Art Film Festival 8 April 2003. For one thing it is indeed an extremely realistic portrayal of a certain class of people.

And it was introduced by the Gen Art film programmer as being "young and hip -- very representative of our audience".

In 2013, the xx held a series of three festival-style concerts, called "Night Day", in Berlin, Lisbon, and London.

The festivals featured performances and DJ sets curated by the band, including Kindness and Mount Kimbie.

As they continue to push the sexual boundaries of their friendship, however, they are tested by Sam and Coles' incipient romance and Thea's increasing recklessness, until the relationship dissolves amid a cloud of fear, resentment and mistrust. An animator for a high-profile ad agency, Coles now lives with Claire, his girlfriend of five years.

Thea is happily married to Miles, with whom she owns a flourishing restaurant.Still, it is valuable as a detailed anatomy of the insipid.which currently consists of Romy Madley Croft (guitar, vocals), Oliver Sim (bass, vocals) and Jamie Smith also known as Jamie xx (beats, MPC, record production).This led to the band playing the track on an episode of Newsnight.The track was also played before the UEFA Euro 2012 and UEFA Euro 2016 matches at stadiums in Poland, Ukraine, and France and featured during the end of Top Gear Season 19 Episode 6 (Africa Special Part 1).Jamie joined the band after being introduced by Caius Pawson, the head Young Turks.